Replenishment – Basics

Before, during or even after the picking business process, goods are often replenished. Managing and allocating replenishment is one of the tasks of supply chain management. By using a warehouse management system, it can be ensured before starting a picking process that there is sufficient stock in the picking area.

The supply of goods may be necessary as a precaution, on-demand or due to a shortage in the warehouse. The different variants of replenishment can also be partially combined with each other in order to achieve an even system utilization with maximum readiness for delivery.

replenishment script

Replenishment – Procedure

Depending on what triggers the replenishment, it refers to different procedures. These procedures are as follows:

The procedures differ mainly in the characteristics consumption dependence, inventory dependence and time dependence.

The tasksof replenishment include preventing stock levels from falling below a specified minimum level, avoiding shortages and ensuring a smooth flow of materials. Through the application of a replenishment strategy, a high availability of goods at the access points should be guaranteed with minimum effort.

On the basis of corresponding key figures, it is possible to assess the economic efficiency as well as productivity and quality. You can find more information under Replenishment – Key Figures.


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