Picking stands for the assembly of goods and merchandise according to specified orders from an available overall assortment. Depending on the customer in question, the order can be compiled on an order-related basis or without an order. These approaches are also known as single-stage and multi-stage picking. The picking itself is transmitted either in the form of pick lists or electronically to the corresponding picker. The subsequent sub-processes are briefly outlined below and are named in VDI Guideline 3590 Sheet 1.

Customer orders can be picked in different ways. In general, a distinction is made between the

and the

Single-level picking involves order-oriented picking, i.e. each customer order is picked individually. With two-step picking, the entire quantity of an article can be picked simultaneously for a large number of orders. The number of accesses to an itemis drastically reduced and thus also the share of the route in the picking process.

Picking methods

Single-level picking includes the following methods:

Two-stage picking comprises the following method:

Picking procedures

There is the possibility of a paperless composition of goods. There are several possible procedures:

In addition to paperless picking, a picking tour with a document can also be carried out.

Provision of goods in order picking

During the picking business process, goods can be provided both statically and dynamically. A distinction is made between:

The aim of picking is always to shorten the picking time. The faster an order is picked, the cheaper the overall product. Further goals are route optimization, increased picking performance based on short throughput times, process reliability and optimization through batch formations. The processing of the order volume should require as little effort as possible.

More information can be found under Spectrum of requirements for order picking systems.

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