FEM 9.831 is a standard for the use of stacker cranes in high-bay warehouses. The standard specifies tolerances, deformations and clearances for stacker cranes in high-bay warehouses. It applies to high-bay warehouses with stacker cranes

  • that travel on a rail,
  • are supported by a rail,
  • mechanically handle loads,
  • and are suitable for handling pallets or similar ancillary equipment, such as mesh boxes.

Origin of the FEM 9.831

The reason for setting up this standard was that components of the stacker crane must meet certain tolerances in manufacturing, assembly and deformations. Only then can they be used in the high-bay warehouse. If the clearances are not sufficiently large, the functional safety of the high-bay warehouse cannot be guaranteed. However, the clearances must also not be too large, otherwise, the space will not be used optimally or available space will be wasted due to poor planning.

Goal of the standard

The aim of the document on the FEM 9.831 standard is to specify deformations and tolerances for the optimization of a high-bay warehouse. Dimensioning, manufacturing and assembly should be handled economically and should not jeopardize functional safety. Tolerances and deformations can occur in various components of a high-bay warehouse according to FEM 9.831. The following functional components are examined in the standard:

  • Base plate
  • Travel rail
  • Guide rail
  • Loading unit
  • Profile control
  • Staging area (centering)
  • Storage and retrieval machine
  • Shelf construction

However, the guideline was drawn up in February 1995 without involving high-bay manufacturers. For this reason, it is considered controversial.

You can find more information under stacker cranes.

Image license: © Wollschläger Group (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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