Data mart describes the use of a database that is only a department-specific part of the overall data warehouse. For this reason, it is also referred to as the departmental database.

Generally, such an extract from the entire database is used to enable a specialist department to carry out specific evaluations, for example using online analytical processing (OLAP) – without requiring direct access to the database of the logistics center currently in use. Even when we talk about processes, we are talking about a system that knows how to analyze and prepare certain data of a company in such a way that it can be used for decision-making, for example.

The data in the data mart

The data is the same (copy of a partial dataset) that is used in the live system. This makes it possible to implement short-term adjustments right at the beginning of a warehouse project, especially in the event of problems. The rest of the data warehouse remains unaffected. Only the department of a company, a division, or directly a product line is affected.

For more information on data management in intralogistics, see Master data.

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