Operating data is data from organisational and technical areas of a company. This includes order data and personnel data on the one hand and machine data and process data on the other. The accumulation of this data is called operating data acquisition. The data can then be evaluated using key figures. The Process Performance Indicator System (PPIS) method was developed to carry out this type of key figure collection. A distinction is made between the Key Performance Indicator (KPI), the Business Process Performance Indicator (BPPI) and the Process Performance Indicator (PPI).

Manual and automatic production data acquisition

Production data acquisition refers to the collection of data of an actual state from the areas of production and logistics. For manual data acquisition, lists filled with the appropriate contents are sufficient. Automatic data acquisition requires production data acquisition systems and machine data acquisition systems.

With the preparation of the production data acquisition, the current processing and the current result status become visible. Using control station functions, data is taken from the existing system and graphically prepared. However, the preparation can also be carried out using production planning and control systems (PPS).

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