An A-frame, also known as a shaft picker, is a logistical device specifically designed for efficient picking of goods. The name is derived from the A-shaped arrangement of the chutes, which are typically arranged in a frame.

The main function of an A-frame is to optimize the picking process and improve logistics workflows. By arranging the shafts in an A-shape, clear and ergonomic storage and presentation of the items to be picked is made possible.

A-frames are often used in sectors such as e-commerce, retail or the pharmaceutical industry, where a high number of orders need to be processed. They provide an efficient way to store items and make them quickly and easily accessible for picking.

The advantages of A-frames are space savings, increased picking speed and reduced errors. By arranging the bays in an A-frame, space is optimally utilized and pickers can retrieve goods more efficiently and quickly. This leads to an increase in productivity and a reduction in picking errors.

Another advantage of A-frames is their versatility and adaptability to different products and sizes. The bays can be customized to meet specific requirements and allow for the storage of items of different shapes, sizes and weights.

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