Automatic small parts warehouse

Miniload warehouse (automatic small parts warehouse) is an automatic system for the storage of small-volume units, mostly containers, with low to medium weight. If containers or other units are stored on trays, this is also called tray storage.
It is operated by rail-guided stacker cranes (mast or walking beam) or by vehicles (shuttle), which are supported on the traverses of the racking system. The load is picked up by driving underneath, pulling or gripping; a distinction is made between single and multi-user systems with single or multiple deep storage.
ASP storage and retrieval machines carry a payload of up to 300 kg on multiple load-carrying devices (typically 50 kg/load-carrying device), achieve speeds of up to 7 m/s (typically < 5 m/s) and accelerations of up to 4 m/s2 (typically < 2 m/s2).
A double-deep, sidewise retrieval mini-load warehouse is a mini-load warehouse with sidewise flow channels for picking. For A-articles, static provision takes place and for B-/C-articles dynamic provision (ABC-articles).

Source: logipedia / Fraunhofer IML

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