Code 128: Four-width barcode with 106 bars

Code 128 is a widely used four-width barcode that is used in various industries due to its versatility and efficiency. Its mappable character set includes not only the 128 ASCII characters, but also 100 digit tuples from 00 to 99, four special characters, four control characters, as well as three different start characters and a stop character.

What makes Code 128 special are its three different character sets (level A-;C), which enable it to represent well over 200 characters with 106 different bars. This flexibility makes it a preferred choice for companies that need to encode complex information in barcodes.

Another outstanding feature of Code 128 is its ability to be arranged line by line for multiple readings. This enables the encoding of payload strings that exceed the maximum scanning width of a reader. This makes Code 128 an effective solution for applications where large amounts of data need to be encoded in compact barcodes.

In the world of barcodes, Code 128 is comparable to other common codes such as the Stack Code and the Matrix Code. Its adaptability and wide applicability make it an indispensable tool in areas such as logistics, retail and manufacturing.

Overall, Code 128 provides a reliable method for efficiently encoding large amounts of data in a compact and easy-to-read format. Its versatile properties and the possibility of line-by-line arrangement make it an excellent choice for companies looking for an effective barcode solution.

Also available in Deutsch (German)

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