The term “Single Point of Truth” (SPOT) or “Single Source of Truth” (SSOT) is an important structural principle in the field of data management. It refers to a central data platform that is accessed by all other information systems to ensure a uniform and universally valid data status. The aim is to avoid redundant, contradictory or erroneous data and to maintain information quality at the highest possible level.

By having all relevant information systems access the SPOT/SSOT, different data sources are prevented from containing different versions of information. This leads to a unified view of the data and prevents inconsistencies. Companies and organizations can thus ensure that their decisions and analyses are based on reliable and up-to-date data.

In order to successfully implement the single point of truth principle, data processing procedures are required within a company or organization that continuously update, reconcile and cleanse the data. This ensures that the SPOT/SSOT is always up to date and that data quality is maintained. Data integration technologies and database management systems play an important role here in connecting the various information systems and ensuring a seamless flow of data.

The concept of single point of truth/single source of truth is often an integral part of the considerations for establishing business intelligence structures within a company or organization. Business intelligence aims to provide valuable insights and make informed decisions through the analysis of data. A SPOT/SSOT is of central importance in this context, as it forms the basis for reliable and meaningful analyses.

In summary, the Single Point of Truth (SPOT) or Single Source of Truth (SSOT) is a structural principle for effective data management. By providing a central data platform that is accessed by all information systems, a consistent level of data is ensured and information quality is maintained at a high level. Companies and organizations can thus improve the reliability of their data, make informed decisions and increase the effectiveness of their business processes.

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Single-Source-of-Truth, Single Source of Truth
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