Manual Sort Order Fulfilment (MSF) is a software-supported, manual sorting system. The basis is a multi-stage picking process, but compared to the use of an automated sorter, the subsequent sorting work is done by humans. The MSF is responsible for the organization and sequence of picking, sorting and the subsequent packing process.

A fully automated high-tech solution is not always the best choice. Especially in companies with heterogeneous article ranges and strong seasonal fluctuations in demand, manual sort order picking can achieve the performance, throughput and quality of a fully automated sorter.

The workflow

During the picking process, several shipping orders are combined into one pick. The total order picking volume can also be divided among several trays and can be picked in parallel in different zones. The trays of a commission are then consolidated in the tray buffer of the sorting packer.
Then the sorting and packing process for a commission takes place at an assigned sorting module, where the pick parts are separated order-related into individual sorting compartments. Invoices are also added to the order in the sorting module, then it is packed ready for dispatch and forwarded to outgoing goods.

The advantages of manual sort order fulfilment

On the one hand, the MSF makes it possible to shorten picking distances by means of multi-stage picking, and on the other hand, the investment in an expensive sorter is not necessary. A flexible deployment of employees is possible, which can be controlled according to order requirements. A further advantage: The low-noise operation of the MSF means that there are no additional requirements for soundproofing equipment, which also has a positive effect on the ecological balance sheet.

More information about the picking tour via wireless terminal can be found under online picking.

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