Picking without IT system support requires a manageable assortment of articles, which is clearly structured according to product groups. Within a product group, storage by ascending article number ensures fast access. The entire stock of an item is still in the picking warehouse.

The picking process is based on a paper such as the purchase order, delivery bill or invoice. This paper does not yet have to contain warehouse coordinates, since every employee can find the desired goods with the article information.

The advantage of this simple solution is that it does not require the involvement of a warehouse management system. Only the inventories must be kept in summary form.
This workflow is by no means a thing of the past, but still works today for systems with the following conditions:

  • small to medium range of articles
  • low dynamics in the article spectrum
  • low number of orders per day

For more information on single-step picking, see Single-step picking – Picking tour with supporting documentation.

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