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The term intralogistics was created in 2004 by the “Forum Intralogistics” of the VDMA (German Engineering Federation). Since the term “logistics” is generally associated with the transport industry and freight transport, an equivalent was sought to illustrate the flow of materials within facilities.

According to the definition of the VDMA and the Forum, intralogistics comprises “the organisation, control, implementation and optimisation of the internal flow of materials, information flows and goods handling in industry, trade and public institutions”.

Intralogistics as the cornerstone of process organisation

This definition thus not only describes the purely technical aspects of the internal material flow, but also, increasingly gaining in importance, its process organisation and information management. The smooth and efficient interaction of all instances involved in the process is one of the greatest challenges in the implementation of intralogistics systems today.

The planning and design of comprehensive processes, the selection of conveyor, storage and sensor technology, the guarantee of a loss-free flow of information and the precise control of all system components are the core competencies of today’s warehouse management.

You can find more information under Information in Intralogistics.

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