The process steps that are carried out in the course of the (sorter) packing process include order picking dispatching, batch picking, batch buffer reservation, batch buffer and packing process sorter packing. The goals of the packing department are to create high round trip returns, to achieve synchronous work progress, to let the process run time-controlled and not to allow any deviation from the specified process end.

In the first process step, the replenishment is planned and times are defined within which the necessary urgent batches can be inserted. The warehouse management system always receives feedback on the status of order processing. In this way it is possible to react immediately if the remaining quantity in the warehouse does not correspond to the intended picking volume. To reserve the batch buffer, the fill level and the batch status must be monitored. The batch status can be: “before approval”, “partially reserved”, “reserved” or “complete”.

At the end of this business process, the inventory is distributed to the different customer orders either by a fully automatic sorter or via manual sorting carried out by employees and is then ready for packaging. As soon as the order is complete, the invoice is created at the packing station and forwarded to the outgoing goods department in the form of a delivery bill with the inventory.

Information about WarMore information about packaging within the business process “Sorter(packer)” can be found under Sorter(packer) – Packaging.

After the business process “Sorter(packer)” the goods are issued. You can find information on this under Outgoing Goods – Basics.

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