Definition of Packing The packaging is the merging of storage units to form a complete unit. In the fields of production and technology, the term “packing” refers to the division or length division of units. It is also often used as a synonym for the colloquial term “wrapping”. Packing is carried out according to DIN 55405 by uniting the packaged goods and the packaging. The aim is that, on the basis of customer requirements, requirement specifications lead to the creation of customer- and order-specific end products. In German, the term ” Konfektionierung” (confectioning) can also mean cutting a cable to size.

In conjunction with finishing, packaging leads to the transformation of an existing unit into a higher-value unit. For example, the paper surface can be changed or the packaging of goods can be qualitatively upgraded.

More information on product wrapping can be found under packaging materials.

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