Logistics comprises all tasks for planning, controlling, providing and optimizing processes along the value chain. Transport logistics comprises the complete approach to all processes in logistics that are necessary to conduct a transport.

It deals with the interaction of:

  • Administrative variables such as personnel management, vehicle management
  • Planning variables, e.g. transport control, transport strategies
  • Operational variables such as transport technology, data transmission technology

Tasks and objectives of transport logistics

The task of transport logistics is to distribute and provide goods at the lowest possible cost in the production process.

The goal is to optimize transports in terms of loading, unloading, capacity utilization, handover and identification.

It comprises the complete consideration of all processes in logistics that are necessary for a transport. This includes the consideration of two networks:

A supplier network describes which types of suppliers play a role in the supply process. A distribution network describes the spatial structure in which the distribution processes are implemented.

For more information, see Transportation Logistics – Supplier Networks.

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