The storage process can be divided into further sub-processes for better comprehension.
On the first level these are the processes storage space management and inventory management.

Storage location management

The storage location management is divided into these main areas:

  • Warehouse organization, with the key points:
    • Warehouse parameterization for high flexibility in capacity utilization
    • Conveying of goods with different quality levels
    • Conveying of mixed cartons, returns and customer-specific carton contents
    • Development of an economical storage topology and zone strategy
  • Occupancy and space allocation strategy, with the key points
    • Development of article and storage area related strategies
    • Consideration of efficient use of space and short distances for storage and retrieval
    • Ensuring storage space allocation according to requirements – from fixed space allocation to dynamic storage space allocation
  • Movement, with the key points:
    • Optimization through consolidation processes
    • Design of transparent processes in the motion protocol

Inventory management

The inventory management is divided into the main areas:

  • Article master maintenance, with the key points:
    • Entry and management of article master data
    • Administration of the logistic data of the article
  • Inventory disposition, with the key points:
    • Fulfillment of the required ability to deliver through optimal inventory management
    • Development of disposition strategies based on article logistics data
    • Securing the availability of goods at the access point
    • Provision of cross-location replenishment strategies
  • Stock movements, with the key points:
    • Implementation of individual and collective transfers
    • Planning of automatic and (controlled) manual corrections of inventories
    • Ensuring the visibility of all movements in the inventory log
  • Inventory functions, with the key points:
    • Permanent real-time updates of all data with inventory relevance during stock movements
    • Certification of all processes – with an auditor’s certificate
  • Customs processes, with the key points:
    • Traceability of the origin
    • Management of customs data from goods receipt to goods issue

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