In picking, the base time is the time required for picking. It only describes organisational activities before and after each picking process.

Picking basically represents the order-related combination of articles from an assortment. However, before and after the articles are put together, the picker must carry out activities that are summarised as base time.

These are the following organisational work steps:

  • Taking over the order
  • Sorting the documents
  • Transmission of documents
  • Provision of aids such as pallets, picking trolleys, containers
  • Delivery of the respective picking container to the collection point or directly to the conveyor system

For economic reasons, the time required for a picking order should be kept short. The following applies: The shorter the base time, the more orders can be processed.

Influences that negatively influence the base time during picking:

  • Search and Identification
  • Control of the order (comparison of pick and order sheet)
  • Lack of staff training
  • Provision of picking containers does not take place in sufficient quantity and at the right time
  • Non-optimal gripping height for high-speed articles
  • Untimely provision of goods (replenishment)
  • Tour strategy (route optimisation a must)
  • Batch formation optimised for pick density

More information on picking times can be found under travel time.

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