A web store (also online store, e-shop) can be described as a sales and communication-oriented website. The web store represents a virtual meeting place where manufacturer and customer have the possibility to get in contact with each other and conclude a sales contract. This form of trading is called e-commerce, online trading or distance selling.

At the heart of the digital sales platform are

  • the presentation of the products,
  • the communication of additional product information
  • and the sales processing.

Sales process in a webshop from the customer’s perspective

A customer uses a webshop to search for products. The store’s search function, for example, assists the customer. In order to cause the customer as few difficulties as possible, the product information should be prepared clearly and comprehensibly.

A virtual shopping cart helps the customer to keep track of the products to be purchased. When the customer has finished filling his shopping cart, he will be asked to provide his delivery address and information about the payment method. This is followed by a credit check. If the result is positive, the order is transmitted. In the legal sense the order represents a sales contract. A subsequent confirmation e-mail can be formulated as a confirmation of receipt of the order or as a declaration of acceptance of the purchase request.

From the perspective of a webshop operator, the sales process is much more complex compared to the customer’s perspective. Many processes that the customer does not notice while shopping online must be organized and provided. This background process is called Fulfillment.

You can find more information under the article “The Webshop – Fulfillment”.

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