Pick-by-voice, also known as pick-to-voice, is an advanced form of paperless picking. A mobile data acquisition (MDT) device is also used for pick-by-voice. However, the picker’s inputs and instructions are made using voice recognition and voice output. No displays, handheld scanners or input terminals are required. The warehouse specialist simply wears an MDT on his belt, which is connected to a headset (headphones and microphone).

The advantages and disadvantages of pick-by-voice

The advantage is that the staff has both hands free and can therefore work even more effectively and without interruption.
The MDTs are connected in a wireless network to the host system and thus to the material flow computer. This allows the order picker to react individually to current conditions and any shortages that occur, without the need for manual input.

A disadvantage is that the picker has to wear headphones or a special vest with a speaker system all day. In a noisy environment, background interference can lead to errors.

For more information, see Pick-by-Light.

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