Lean Management

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Lean management also has several sub-categories, such as lean thinking, lean production and lean supply chain. It describes various methods and procedures to optimally plan the processes of the value chain for industrial goods. The goal of this method is to avoid unnecessary work steps. The core objective of Lean Management is “creating value without waste”.

To optimally coordinate all activities, a system should be viewed from two perspectives.

  • From the perspective of the customer
  • From the perspective of the company

Tools for Lean Management

The consideration from two perspectives is important, since it can be examined whether the desires of the customer in a certain quality and at a certain price are realizable for a company. In this way, a company can see whether it can hold its own in comparison with competitors on the market and where there is room for improvement in order to increase its own competitiveness.

The following tools, for example, can be used to introduce Lean Management:

Lean production

In Lean Production, the focus is on people. The aim is to ensure that a corporate strategy helps to make the production process leaner. Operator and machine are harmonized, which should lead to increased productivity and performance. The characteristics of Lean Production include:

  • More individual responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Less hierarchical structures
  • Use of resources as required

For more information, see Lean management: the 5S method.

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